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Broks goes international!

Responding to your requests: ¡Now Broks is available in Europe beyond Spain! Italy, France, Germany and UK already are selling Broks from the local Amazon platforms! This is a new step we have taken to reach more kids and inspire them to develop problem solving skills while having lots of fun!    

Unboxing Happy Zoo

Sabemos que es importante que se conozcan los contenidos de las cajas de Broks antes de decidir su compra. Por eso hemos hecho unos #unboxings de cada modelo donde podréis ver la caja por dentro con las piezas y la guía de instrucciones como también ver un ejemplo de cómo montamos uno de los retos! […]

First production run, ready and on the way to Madrid!

We can finally see it… Cases and cases full of Broks toys that have passed a very strict quality assurance exam and all the toys security tests that EU requires. We are sure that the toys design and quality will not disappoint your kids. Now, we just need to wait their arrival to Madrid.   […]

The history behind Broks – Part I

Many people ask me how we started with Broks. To me it is always very interesting to learn the history behind ventures, so I will tell here how we started with the idea and design of Broks toys and who have collaborated to make this possible. It all began with our concern to have smarter toys for […]

First Broks toys prototypes ready

The factory is about to start mass production of Broks! We are working with great care to ensure everything goes perfect. First prototypes are just fantastic! Below you can see some of the images of the first boxes, instruction guide-books from challenges and the first Broks components. We are eager to start producing your boxes!

It is possible for kids to think while having fun playing

A few weeks ago, we were invited to write an article of Broks philosophy for the magazine Ideas Imprescindibles, a MediaPost Group initiative to spread ideas, thoughts and universal values to change minds. A real pleasure for us. The full article can be accessed by clicking the attached document (pages 33-36 ). In the article […]

Hello! You want to know who we are and why we launched Broks?

I want my children to have fun with toys while also make them think. I want more alternatives in toy stores. With this idea we launched Broks and the construction challenges. My name is Cecilia and together with my husband Hernán we are launching a fun construction toy based on one that was created over […]