Children’s Construction Toys

Broks in Education

One of the most important areas of children’s growth is to play with children’s constructions of all type. Construction toys offer children of all ages open opportunities to design and create the structures they imagine.

Besides being a very fun activity, it has many advantages in the development of kids. They require a lot of imagination, and that’s why kids play with them for a long time, improving motor skills, activating creativity and invention, enhancing reasoning among many other benefits.

Broks building sets have been designed to improve quality play in kids offering a toy that stimulate their imagination and creativity, improve problem-solving skills, fine motor abilities and their interaction skills with other children, parents and educators.

The different pieces are resistant, light and big enough for +3 years old children. The components proven design allows children to use the pieces intuitively and build with ease.

The possibilities are endless and the benefits numerous.

The benefits of playing with Broks construction toys are for life

1   While building with Broks kids intensify fine motor skills and dexterity, including eye-hand coordination, by the use of simple and complex pieces that allow many alternatives of work.

2   Sharpens visual and spatial intelligence in the process of creation and assembly.

3   Fosters creativity and imagination due to its versatility for many construction alternatives and exercises.

4   It also makes it possible to work on social skills allowing interaction and collective problem solving with the common goal of building something specific and sharing achievement.

5   It reinforces kids self-esteem because in a simple way and with few pieces boys and girls are able to visualize their creation.

6   It stimulates logical thinking and brain development. The kids experience trial and error when trying to connect the various components at the same time that it allows them to understand and learn how basic and complex mechanism work, including gears, articulations or pulleys.

7   Grows with children, allowing more complex constructions as they master the basic ones. They learn and understand how things and the world around them work.

8   It allows to learn basic mathematical and geometrical concepts.

Working with Broks in class is a perfect combination of fun and learning

Specifically in the classroom, construction games are a creative teaching and learning tool for children playing alone or collaborating with each other.

Broks can be easily adapted to different children ages with varied levels of knowledge and skills. It presents a unique opportunity to build, touch and learn physical, mathematical and engineering concepts in a practical and simple way.

Uso de construcciones Broks en los colegios
Cubro construido con Broks

Basic Concepts

Dos engranaje funcionando con Broks

Complex Concepts

Niña construyendo con Broks y usando las guias


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