Learn to solve problems in a creative way

We believe in children and their ability to provide different, inclusive and innovative solutions to today’s problems. Broks was created to offer a quality game to our kids that fosters habilites and requires the active involvement of children. We do not want a passive game, we want creativity to flow and in the process develop the skills children will need to solve today’s problems and tomorrow’s opportunities with another perspective.

About us

We are Cecilia and Hernán, parents committed to the development of our children with quality games.

Given our background in engineering, we have been very attracted to design a construction game that allows children to develop their potential, their imagination, and spatial skills and at the same time have fun. We know that all of this is possible

To learn, it is essential to manipulate and touch while being active at play. We are convinced that the type of fun that Broks provides, whether following challenges or by free play, will help the child of today be an adult tomorrow with imagination and creativity.