Mad Race (118 pieces)

The craziest vehicles are waiting to be discovered by you with MAD RACE. Find motorcycles, sidecars, cars with fans, forklifts, and more original models that will awaken your curiosity while learning how they work. Given MAD RACE has many pieces; you will be able to create amazing and unique models to win the race!

  • Age: 4 – 9 years.
  • 118 pieces included in the box
  • 10 fun challenges and unlimited building possibilities.
  • 24 pages guide book with step by step on how to build the challenges.
  • Durable plastic (ABS) and foam EVA respectful with the environment.
  • Fully compatible with other models from Broks


Not suitable for children under 3 year. Contains small parts. Warning! Chocking hazard

45.90 EUR

BK8900303-07With Broks toys fun is guaranteed for hours allowing children to imagine and create structures that move. The case includes simple pieces like sticks and cylindrical connectors and also more complex parts such as gears or joints, depending on model.

Studies suggest that manipulating building blocks help develop, among other things, coordination skills, language skills and a better performance in mathematics. Additionally, more complex constructions allow an improved development of spatial skills and are a source of inspiration for children in areas of science, engineering and technology. The kids experience trial and error when trying to connect the various components, thus encouraging logical thinking and brain development.

Broks is a different construction toy that makes you think while having fun.

Dare to solve these incredible challenges !

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