The history behind Broks – Part I

Many people ask me how we started with Broks. To me it is always very interesting to learn the history behind ventures, so I will tell here how we started with the idea and design of Broks toys and who have collaborated to make this possible.

It all began with our concern to have smarter toys for our kids while having fun at the same time, something very important at this early stage of life. We started browsing in internet for christmas toys that were both original and smart to play with. We bought some very clever ones and tried and tested them.

One of them really caught my kids attention but we thought there were things we could add to improve it. Based on that toy we decided to rethink it to make it even more attractive and educative for children and look for ways to produce and bring it to Spain and rest of Europe! Piece of cake right?

Clearly not that easy… So it began some months of hard work selecting the best combinations and design of pieces and engineering the challenges to build you see in the different models. Our children played a key role here because we tested all designs with them and they inspired us with many ideas that could really resonate with kids that age.

The building challenges approach we introduced was essential for us because we wanted children to have model ideas that inspire and stimulate their interest to find ways to build it using the selected pieces. Designing and thinking all the challenges took us long time and many tests! Look at some designs that we finally did not use, at least in the first 3 models!

Prototipo catapulta Broks

Challenge: Broks catapult

Prototipo nave Broks

Challenge: Lunar spaceship

Prototipo Noria Broks

Challenge: Ferris Wheel

Set fotografía Broks

First Photography Set from Broks

Some challenges were not easy to solve, so we decided to include a step by step guide on how to build them with ONE possible solution. It was a tough but hilarious work! How we did? At home with a photography set, a powerful new digital camera, great wit and above all a lot of patience…,  we build each stage and took pictures for each step required to assemble the challenge. A homemade solution but as engineers we were very careful and precise with the details.

And of course, the solution we included in the guide book is only ONE possible solution! We are sure that your kids will find their own!

To be continued …


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