Hello! You want to know who we are and why we launched Broks?

I want my children to have fun with toys while also make them think.
I want more alternatives in toy stores.
With this idea we launched Broks and the construction challenges.
My name is Cecilia and together with my husband Hernán we are launching a fun construction toy based on one that was created over 100 years ago, at that time just with wood pieces now considered a classic that has inspired generations of children.
Broks has innovated by incorporating unique new pieces of plastic ABS and EVA foam that allows endless construction possibilities. It also has incorporated amazing challenges that will put children to think while having fun.
With Broks you can invent creations that work and move. And if they get bored, they can disassemble and build another invention. Adults and children enjoy building alike!
In Broks, we are committed to toys that encourage creativity. Broks start now with 3 models: Future Land, Mad Race and Happy Zoo, but soon new original pieces compatible with rest of sets will be available to you. Stay tuned!.
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