It is possible for kids to think while having fun playing

A few weeks ago, we were invited to write an article of Broks philosophy for the magazine Ideas Imprescindibles, a MediaPost Group initiative to spread ideas, thoughts and universal values to change minds. A real pleasure for us.

The full article can be accessed by clicking the attached document (pages 33-36 ). In the article we intended to transmit our vision and commitment to toys that are fun to play but also educate and make children think.

We are surrounded by games and toys that make children “passive consumers” rather than active creators. Broks is our small contribution to develop innovative problem-solving skills in children that will make tomorrow’s world a better place for everyone.

A special thanks to Materia Gris for this opportunity.

Divertirse y Pensar son compatibles Broks1

Divertirse y Pensar son compatibles Broks2


Divertirse y Pensar son compatibles Broks3

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